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No matter the occasion, a glitzy sequined dress is always a fabulous choice! However, finding a modest sequined dress can be quite a challenge and sometimes expensive. Nonetheless, years of experience in the formalwear industry have taught the pros one thing: Sequined dresses are timeless – particularly if you know the most effective ways how to accessorize a sequined dress.

When you find your dream gown, don't think of it as a hefty expense. Rather, view it as a long-term investment.

Most women know the power of the right statement dress – a touch of sparkle and all eyes are on you. The challenge lies in accessorizing it correctly without going to extremes. Subtle and simpler dresses are easier to accessorize and be creative with, and the temptation can be strong when it comes to accessorizing a sequined evening gown with sleeves.

Keep this in mind however: A modest sequined gown is an accessory in itself.


When it comes to shoes, some people feel bold and prefer to layer sequins. Others prefer to play it safe and stay away from excessive sparkle. Pairing a sequined evening dress with metallic glittery shoes could make you resemble a disco ball! That might detract from the overall amazing look. The pros recommend opting for neutral-colored heels to pair with your sequined evening dress with sleeves. This means avoiding sequins, beads, or other embroideries on your shoes.

But color neutrality is not always mandatory. Fashion rules have relaxed over the years. A modest sequined gown can also be paired with metallic shoes in gold, silver, bronze, or copper heels. Metallic shoes add an extra touch of dressiness.

For example, a sequined little black dress paired with red heels and a clutch looks stunning. But the combination works better with a short dress.


Choose your jewelry based on your desired level of modesty and sparkle.

  • Bracelets and bangles – If you're wearing a fully long sleeve sequined party dress, it's best to skip bracelets and bangles altogether since your wrists are already covered.

  • Necklace and pendants – The neckline of your modest sequined dress will determine whether you should wear a neck piece. If your modest sequined gown has a high or covered neckline, wearing a pendant or necklace might be too much. The pros advise avoiding necklaces and instead pairing the dress with a nice pair of black or pearl earrings.

Something to remember: Your sequined evening outfit doesn't have to be modest for you to skip the jewelry altogether. What's more, a modest, low V neckline sequined dress can be paired with uncomplicated black accessories to maintain the glamorous dress’s sexy vibe.


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